Dawnlark Plains this cowboy's running from himself
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Although Brontide had split off from them several months ago, she and Serein were still glued together at the hip. Although getting on in years, they both still felt quite young and spry. Enough that making a trip down into the Teekons - in winter, no less! - was no big strain on them. They hunted well enough and between the two of them, were toasty warm at night. So they travelled from place to place, singing their songs and telling their stories, and often running into family members who shared their chronic case of itchy paws.

A great storm had chased them briefly from their course; the Taiga was colder, but far less tumultous than the raging sea. She'd surely calmed down by now, but the sisters had a mind to visit family in any case, so they continued on their way until they'd come to the plains where their neices and grand-niblings had once lived. The pair were worried to find the Morningsiders long gone, but there was no reason to fear the worst just yet. They'd check around a bit and then head back to the island, and hopefully, the situation would resolve itself.

For now, they headed to the @Spiritwalker's old whelping den, sniffing around for clues and, when none were to be found, settled there at the entrance to cuddle up and catch a few hour's sleep before moving on.

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