Arrow Lake " it was worth it to see that boy cut from the knees. "
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how could have thorn known to watch the clouds that day, and that his end would come from above?

the stalwart centurion was mid-hunt in the rocky alpines above the lake when a noise broke the spring chorus of freshly returned birds and gentle wind. it was not a noise the soldier had heard before; it was low and thunderous and ever-revolving, shaking even the ground as it approached.

thorn, stupefied by the tenacity in which the noise grew, slowed his gait and broke from the stony path, his ears cupped and yellow eyes scouring the snow-studded landscape. the noise continued to grow and swell, pressing down on diaspora's claim like the snarl of a tsunami unbreaking. thorn's alarm grew as the noise crashed down upon him like a wave and the sky opened, revealing a snarling beast unlike any bird he had ever seen before.

the centurion's confused lope broke into a flat gallop as he fled, ears back and heart pumping. all he could hear was the howling cries of the ungodly bird above; as he fled, it followed his steps, easily trailing after the beast as he ran.

thorn's breaths came in staggered gasps as he continued to run, attempting to thwart the howling monster by fleeing from diaspora's claim. it trailed after him, hovering lazily in the air save for the choking screams it spat from its hellish mouth. thorn's stride grew longer, his breaths more desparate -- when he hit flat ground he strung out like a frenzied racehorse, hauling across the tundra with only one thing in mind: bring it away from the puppies, away from diaspora, away, away --

suddenly, something flew from the reflective mouth of the levitating bird and thorn grunted, feeling a sting sink deep into his neck. he snarled, fangs bared as he turned around to face his assailant, only to feel a second thump and subsequent sting against his flank. he stumbled, his senses slow and vision blurring -- fight, fight, away, thorn's mind protested, until the dark soldier sank to the ground with a soft grunt.

the bird landed deftly several hundred yards away from the fallen centurion and at last the metallic screams were silenced. a tangle of ropes was drawn from the bird's mouth by strange shapes and stretched over the stilled wolf. the shapes lifted the weakened centurion into the blackened pit of the bird's maw, before they too stepped into its mouth and disappeared.

the bird lifted just as easily, the screams and howls resuming. as it lifted, it whipped a dervish of wind where thorn's body had been. nothing of thorn remained, except disturbances in the soft ground and faded snow.