Gilded Bay Sweet life livin'
All Welcome  July 13, 2019, 12:31 PM
Outside of being stunningly handsome, Fynn specializes in hunting birds. Alas, it is no easy feat on coastal landscapes, for there is little coverage for the pale wolf to hide behind. He has grown fond of the sea, of sand sticking between his toes, and the way of live alongside the shore. Yet, he has not mastered the art of catching birds upon the beach.

He slinks close to a pool, watching a pair of sea birds hunting other oceanic creatures that became stuck in them once high tide receded. Fynn makes his move, kicking up sand behind him. The birds take off, but not quick enough. One is just within his reach, and his teeth clamp down on a wing. That is when the bird aims its load at his face in retaliation, and swiftly gets its revenge.

Fuck! Relasing the wing with said curse, the bird flops pathetically upon the sand and starts wobbling away from him. With bird shit covering his right eye, Fynn dramatically stomps after it.