Shadow Mountain sunflower still grows at night
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The mountain's face was lined in part with lush green foliage to entice passerbys. A weasel, small and barely noticeable, scurried through the brush. Sycamore watched from the base as he made his way up, mouth watering at the thought. Each step that he took was careful and precise so as to not disturb to fragile arrangement of stone.

I am, he thought to himself, I am, I am Shadow Man. The words, when spoken aloud, brought about a childlike giggle. I am Abraham. It was a more serious name, one that invoked a prideful stance and dominant curl of his tail. 

Halfway to the top, Sycamore fell silent, lest someone hear his musings.
8 hours ago
Lone Wolves

Through solitude and starvation, Chausiku remained ever-diligent in the search for her comrades. She trotted across the mountainside at a steady speed. Having caught wind of a pack nearby, she was headed there to inquire about her missing packmates. Her ears perked, catching the utterings of a voice in the distance. She needn't alter her path to near the source, so she continued along it, honing in on the stranger's location.

He was a young man, shadowed from nose to tail tip. Not even his eyes broke the darkness of his form, which made her wonder if he were an apparition and not a wolf. But when she grew nearer, she could make out the details, revealing that he was a wolf just as she.

Hello, Chausiku greeted, slowing to a stop once she was a few feet away.

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4 minutes ago

There was a sudden energy shift brought on by the stranger's abrupt greeting. The carefree stature of the roaming shadow faded to make way for the dominant stance of a recluse. His eyes narrowed, darkening as he stared at the girl standing down his snout. Hello, he replied after a moment's consideration. 

This iteration of his being would be stronger than the last. It will be like, the recluse thought, I'll be like him. Thoughts of the alabaster boy who Sycamore sought to imitate flowed through his mind.