Blacktail Deer Plateau Connecting Trees
January 03, 2018, 04:46 PM
Den Mother

During the last pack meeting, aside from learning the pack's breeding policy, Pema saw a member of the pack she didn't know. She had a similar coloration to her own as well as Kieran and Sylvas, but didn't right off the bat assume that they she was related to anyone from the pack. 

So like she did with every new member of the pack she set out to to find this female and introduce herself and make she was settling in well. Winter had been good for them so far, no wolves had gone hungry. They had suffered some injuries, but luckily Pema was advancing her medical knowledge rather quickly and had treated everyone enough to have thier bodies recover to almost their original state.

She needed to make sure this new member knew where the caches and everything was, and hopfully a bit about herself as well.