Duck Lake The wreckage.
January 31, 2018, 09:00 PM
Comrade III
Dated Jan 28th @Dauntless, Just a few posts before they head to Easthollow.

Burr was no longer a very younge pup, but that didn't stop Pema from worrying about him. He had left awhile ago and he hadn't come back for some time. He said that he would be back shortly and Pema couldn't wait any longer with her protective nature. She stood up from where was laying down with @Dauntless and let out a light howl for him to respond to. Letting Burr know that they should be getting on their way soon.

They were only alittle ways away from Easthollow. They could get there today if they left soon enough. When he didn't come back or reply to her call she gestured with her head for Dauntless to follow her. "Come on. Let's see if we can't track him down." She said with a smile before she lowered her head to the group. 

Having lived with him in the pack for such a long period of time she knew his scent well and it wasn't hard to follow. She knew that he was somewhat hesitant about going home with the realationship he had with his parents, but she hoped these feelings weren't enough to make him run away from it all. 

She followed the trail without interruption, until she got to a spot that was very strongly scented. Instead of him moving along he had been back and forth and in one place for a long time it smelled like, and his scent wasn't the only one she picked out. The scent of another wolf was in the area, but she didn't know who it was and she couldn't identify anything about him like what pack he might have been apart of, just that he was male. 

After spending a few minutes untangling whatever maneuvers they were making, and with help from Dauntless she found where the two felt the scene, both in the same direction. Then after following the trail she was red. The color of blood in the snow, a large pool and then a trail of it leading further and further away. Her heart sunk when she saw it. 

Had he been in a fight? She though to herself. Whatever had happened it was clear that he had been hurt and because of it had been bleeding. She looked off in the direction of the bloody trail with a look of terror on her face.