Redhawk Caldera Until another time
April 10, 2018, 11:09 AM
Comrade I

When Sebastian heard the news they were going to relocate he instantly knew that he didn't want to follow the Caldera. After everyone dispersed Sebastian wanted to explain to Finley and Elwood personally why he wasn't following them. He promised to visit his sister and also ran into his brother Nathaniel. He hoped there was a chance for them all to be together. Plus with his wound not healing properly he felt he would only slow them down on the journey.

He went to find the two of them and took in a deep sigh. He hoped he could end on good terms. He fought for them and he lost Andalusia in the process. He wanted to find out what happened to her as well. "Elwood, Finley. I am not joining you to the new location. I'm sorry," he spoke once he found them. "I found my littermates in this area and I still want to find out what happened to Andalusia. I can't let it go," he admitted.

"Perhaps I will rejoin one day again, but now I feel like I need to stay here," he spoke. Sebastian looked sad because he truly felt that the Redhawk-Blackthorns were part of his family. Good friends. "I want to heal further and spend time with my family before taking on another journey. I will miss you guys though," he ended in a mumble. He just hoped Finley wouldn't be mad at him again.
April 18, 2018, 11:56 AM
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There was a lot on Elwood's mind after the pack meeting, and he was not necessarily surprised when he saw Sebastian approaching. Although he couldn't predict what the greyscale wolf was going to say, he knew that his friend had been troubled ever since returning from the war with Blackfeather, and suspected that this news would have a big impact on him in one way or another.

Sebastian wasted no time in explaining himself, and Elwood listened quietly, nodding to show his understanding. He gave his long-time friend a sad smile. "I understand, Sebastian. I wish that you would stay with us -- you are like family, after all -- but I get it. I hope you get the answers that you're seeking," he said.