Dawnlark Plains way up high
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she's stuck!

each day that passed meant that kasatka's limbs were becoming more and more coordinated.  one day she escaped from the mouth of the den (but did not go very far; still in eye sight for mom and dad) and found a very interesting looking tree!

it was squat, about her size, with wide branches that looked good for climbing.  she set upon it with excitement, wriggling up onto one of the branches when her unsteady paw slipped and she found herself.. very stuck.

quite loudly, she mewled for help.
August 11, 2018, 01:41 AM
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A creature as mighty as he could travel extensive distances in mere days, and without a herd to root him it was easy to follow the wind. He felt it in every stomp of his hooves across the endless earth, heard it whistle and sing in his ears, tasted it in every deep, pulse-racing breath he took.

But he could not run forever.

The lord slowed to a canter, but even that was not enough, for the wind called to him—it pleaded, and he was soon directed to a crumpled heap of plant life. He was striding softly, and came to a stop when the scent of wolf alerted him. Nechako was not afraid, but his eyes were not accustomed to the forms and colors of the wolf, so he did not see it at first.

Rather, he bent his head towards the earth and began to graze, all the while the child cried.
August 11, 2018, 05:19 PM
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Sunny had been out and about when he caught wind of a very interesting, never before smelled scent. He began to track it and spotted the Stallion up ahead of head, trailing it just before he heard Kitten shriek. Alarmed he warily moved past the Stallion and spotted Kasatka in her unfortunate predicament. It didn't seem like Dad or Cat had seen or heard what happened, so he took it upon himself to help her out.

"Hey Kitten, it's Sunny. I got You" he said so he wouldn't startle her. Then he moved in close, eyeing the horse with awe and curiosity before gently grabbing Kasatka by the scruff and lifting her out of the stuck position and setting her down with an affectionate chuckle. Did tree climbing run in the family? First Dawn, now Kitten...who was next?

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