Emberflame Ridge swords shall be splintered!
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Early morning of the 10th
3 — HCM roll.

The boy slept in the forest, but it wasn't a fitful sleep. Every little sound, tremble of the branches, call of the unknown creatures out in the wilderness, startled him awake through the night. By dawn he'd given up on sleeping. Ro roamed without knowing where he was going or why, and as he left the forest behind he trailed through an exposed meadow that made him nervous. He could spy large birds soaring distantly overhead; they were bigger than anything he'd ever seen, and the dog paused in the grey light to watch them pass, unaware of the dangers that an adult eagle would pose to someone as petite as himself. When he felt confident enough to keep moving he did so — eager to find another forest or some place sheltered — and as the earth gradually lost its green and became a rocky, harsh environment unfit for his soft paws, he made himself pause to rest again. The boy moseyed to a spot upon the ridge that smelled strongly like dog (but also, different, but in a way he couldn't place), and hastily relieved himself.