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maybe @Scarab ...? she hasn't crossed borders.

She didn't know this place but it wasn't very far from Elyisum. At least she didn't think it was. A nap had been taken on the way here and the sun was setting. This place had far more to look at than where she had been lingering. It awoke dull senses as she meandered until she found herself coming up against an invisible wall. Scents of strangers flooding her nose.


So someones had already decided to claim this place. Which meant exploring any further would have been a difficult task if she wished to not be rude. She weighed her options — not yet ready to return home but unsure of what could be done here.
September 02, 2019, 06:37 AM
Lone Wolves

after the last time he'd ventured a good distance away from rusalka's borders he wasn't so eager to leave the safety of them again, though mostly he tells himself it's for the suns of his life's peace of mind. he is not a beast meant to be idle however, and when he's not adding oddities and petrified things to his menagerie he patrols. perhaps he's too young to be taken seriously upon the borders but that's not about to stop the golden prince from making the rounds nevertheless.

his ears perk and steps falter for a moment as a vaguely familiar scent drifts his way upon the seabreeze. he follows it and lets out a low chuff of greeting as dorea comes into view. he has not expected to find her here standing as rusalka's borders and yet she is. you miss me so much you had to come to see me? scarab teases her, assuming that, that wasn't her intention. how could she know he was here when they'd only exchanged names during their first meeting?

still, he was a haughty boy and couldn't help the chance to tease and perhaps inflate his own ego at the same time.

it's a quality of the gods
to see a creature with its back broken
and be unmoved —
September 02, 2019, 12:38 PM
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"You miss me so much you had to come see me?"

Her head turned, wondering why that voice sounded so familiar. And then she saw him. Blue eyes and dark mask. O'course. She replied with a toothy grin. It faded though as she glanced around the place once more. Didn't say ya lived in such a cool place. Admittedly she was a touch jealous of the boy now, the feeling somewhat new and unfamiliar.

Elysium looked nothing like this place and she had to wonder what he would think of it. Would it compare to his coastal kingdom?

Then she looked to him with an almost half expectant gaze. It was his home which meant he got to dictate what they did. She was a guest after all and her mother had taught her to be polite. Not that she was always known for following that teaching, but she liked Scarab.