Lake Rodney Won't you wait for a minute
All Welcome  November 09, 2019, 03:56 PM
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Here in these cascading foothills there was no game to be found. The wolf recognized that now. He sought to quit them as soon as was convenient, but found his way blocked in various directions. South: the scent of wolves. East: the same, wafting on a breeze from across the expansive lake whose other shore he could not see. North: the same, but more faint than those other signatures. He paused a moment on the edge of Lake Rodney, nose tilted into the breeze and lips parted slightly as he drank in the smells.

North was his best bet. Too many wolves in this vicinity for a rogue to find prosperity. He would head that way soon, but was compelled by a twitch in his hide to lower himself into the wet earth of the shoreline and roll first, coating his back in mud and silt.
November 09, 2019, 05:47 PM
Black Hat
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The potential of coming across a meal was the only thing that drew Black Hat out of the woods. Today, he returned to the familiar neighboring lake. It was a massive source of water, so something had to show up, right? It's not like all the prey up and disappeared, and they all still needed nourishment the same as wolves did. On top of that, the earthquakes that spooked them all off were quelled.

So where the hell was everything? They were sure taking their bloody time coming back!

He wasn't all skin and bones, but it was safe to say the Nightwalkers' bellies could be a whole lot fuller than they were. His nose was glued to the ground to try and change that when an erratic movement caught his attention. A wolf in the distance was rolling in the mud... for some reason. Either he had a bad case of fleas, or he was up to something that required stealth. Well whatever, he was feeling particularly antisocial due to the recent events, so he had no intentions of approaching him unless the man proved himself to be either useful or reason for concern. Black Hat would've toyed with the idea of hunting him if he weren't alone, but alas. His search continued.
November 17, 2019, 03:47 PM
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Just as Black Hat had no intention of approaching Shuck, the dog had no intention of approaching another without a reason. He finished his roll, stood, and shook himself off. A pleased shudder snaked its way down his back. He scanned the horizon and his eyes paused on a dark figure in the distance, in the watchful way any lone animal's would, but when Black Hat showed no signs of approaching him, Shuck dismissed him entirely. He himself had no reason to take his chances on an unknown, when it was left on his terms.

He struck out in another direction, panting lightly and appreciating the way the mud cooled his back and shoulders as it dried, and spared no further thoughts for the distant wolf whose path he would likely never cross.