01. ESSENTIAL — Site Policies
June 23, 2016, 07:27 PM
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WOLF's Guidelines

WOLF is a roleplaying community that strives to be simple, casual and fun. Our game is intermediate, which means that we target a mature audience (young adults and adults) who can write with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Although the game has a "3-1-3" rating, we do require mature content to be marked and tagged appropriately. It is also semi-realistic, which essentially means that anything that's possible for a real wolf can be done by your character.

By participating in WOLF's community, you agree that you are 18 or over, or have consent from your legal guardian.

Everyone at WOLF must adhere to a few overarching polices as outlined below so that we can all function as a fun and cohesive community! We recognize that membership is conditional. Sometimes disagreements happen and passions run high, necessitating occasional breaks from the game. If a member feels they're no longer enjoying themselves and decides to take a step back either temporarily or permanently, we will not attempt to directly influence their decision. We will, however, gladly welcome them back if/when they decide to return!

If you have a question or concern about any of our policies, please drop by the Help Desk, ask in our Discord Game-HQ channel or reach out to a community manager!

Here at WOLF, we expect the following:

  • Courtesy, above all else! This extends to all avenues of WOLF (IC, OOC and chat).
    • Discourtesy toward other players will be addressed (but not mediated) by the community managers as appropriate; this includes the forum and all Discord channels (public or private).
    • If you disagree with a thread partner or another member, we expect it to be communicated and handled civilly and maturely.  More information about these discussions can be found below.
    • Remember that you should not assume that anything is truly private, on the forums or in Discord — not even PM or DMs. Members can and do share private conversations, though we encourage everyone to respect the confidentiality of conversations they participate in.
    • As a team, we discourage the use of private discord servers. They tend to divide the community and have historically resulted in a lot of ooc tension. While we have no intention to moderate (or even join) these spaces, the team will field reports of discourtesy from members and address them as necessary. Members should communicate with one another in compliance with our guidelines in all spaces, not just here.
  • The roleplay basics. Most of this should be common knowledge for intermediate players. For more information on meta-gaming, power-playing, etc., please see this guide.
  • Activity and engagement! While of course we'd love to see more, each character is required to make at least one post every two weeks to remain active in the game.
  • No purely OOC posts in IC forums. These will be deleted!
  • Adherence to post order, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Third person posts. This is the generally accepted standard on most forum roleplay and unless you and your thread partner explicitly agree otherwise, the style that should be used.
  • Embracing consequences. Everyone makes mistakes and no character is perfect. Part of collaborative writing is accepting that situations may not always go your way!
  • Please note that these guidelines are the default baseline for game play. Because WOLF is a member-driven community and we encourage free-form play (within reason), it should be noted that individual characters and packs may vary their rules about power-playing, consent*, etc., to allow for more variety.

Think WOLF sounds like a good fit? Here's how to join:

When creating a character, keep the following in mind:
  • Your account name should be your character's name (correctly capitalized). Keep in mind this rule also applies to OOC accounts.
  • A joining character's age must be between 1 and 10 years.
  • Appearance must follow the site theme of semi-realism (so only natural appearance will be accepted, within reason). Unnatural eye colors are acceptable. Wolves may be a maximum of 3ft (36in, ~1m) tall at the shoulder and 200lbs (~90kg). (Updated 01/21/2020)
  • Copycat characters (those based entirely on existing fictional individuals) will not be accepted. Inspiration is fine, but please be sparing.
  • Character history must indicate a birthplace outside of Teekon Wilds if provided. This prevents timeline inconsistencies between characters on WOLF.
  • If your character is born outside of the mainland (IE born in Europe, Africa, etc) or a wolf subspecies NOT native to the setting, you must provide a backstory to how your character arrived in the Teekons.
For Wild Fauna, there are some extra considerations:
  • Characters that are less than 50% wolf are categorized as Wild Fauna and cannot join packs.
  • Wild Fauna must be at adulthood and must be native to our PNW setting. Click here for our GB's exhaustive list of Wild Fauna. When applying, please include a link to a research article that proves your character's age is equivalent to adulthood for its species.
  • All members must already have an approved wolf character in order to play a Wild Fauna, although the character does not have to be currently active.
  • Wild Fauna are subject to any and all rules that wolf characters are subject to, regardless of realism. This includes metagaming and powerplay restrictions as well as pack tresspassing policies.
  • Keep in mind like wolves, Wild Fauna require permission in order to breed, and must breed during their normal season. In order to obtain WF breeding rights, you must contact the CMs for permission.
New Members: Don't forget to fill out the prompts! Be sure to do so as though responding to a thread partner.
Old Members: Don't forget to link to an existing approved account!

Once your character has been approved, you can begin posting! New characters default to lone wolves but we encourage everyone to look into joining a pack. Pack information can be found in the Pack Records. To join one, simply post a joining thread in your chosen pack's forum.

Character Designs

WOLF has a semi-realism policy that extends to character creation, in that players are free to design wolves with unusual markings or patterns, but all wolves must have realistic coloring.

Wolves can come in any shade of black, grey, white, tan, or brown -- and any agouti derivative of these colors. Depending on subspecies, some wolves can come in shades of russet brown or orange-tan. Iberian wolves, ethiopian wolves, and mexican wolves all demonstrate higher saturation of "rust", while arctic wolves, tundra wolves, and other subspecies tend to typically come in whites, greys, and agouti.

Patterning and markings can vary by subspecies, but please keep it realistic! Piebald markings, tri-color, dilutes, merles, and brindle are all unlikely to occur in purebred wolves and should only be used in wolves with direct dog ancestry.

Players are free to select any eye color.

Unrealistic Designs

Wolves cannot be blue, purple, red, green or any other color that is not explicitly mentioned above. Included in the non-permissible category are stripes and markings resembling stripes. Wolves may not have accessories unless they have a compelling backstory, and these accessories must be limited to realistic means such as: collars, tracking collars, harnesses, or tags.
January 15, 2017, 06:51 PM
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Wolf is a member-driven community

You will see this referenced often, and we have a post clarifying it here! But this applies in a very specific way to the CM's style of moderating.

We expect members to set their own boundaries.
Wolf is rated 3-1-3, which means we allow any content that is not explicitly sexual. However, members are welcome (and encouraged) to define their own comfort zones and enforce those in both ic and ooc spaces!

We expect members to respect the boundaries of others.
Sometimes these boundaries will conflict with ic and ooc desires. When this is the case, we expect members to try to find a compromise. If a compromise is not possible, then the following are some suggestions.
  • fade or summarize and close the thread in question
  • archive the thread with no resolution and write it off
  • discuss boundaries ahead of time and, if no resolution can be had, choose a different course
The CM team can also be reached out to for advice in these situations. We will not mediate the result, but we are always open to providing insight with our perspective as fellow players.

Let us know when boundaries have been violated
If you have expressed a reasonable preference and been ignored, this likely violates our courtesy policy. We want to know when this occurs!

Examples of reasonable boundaries
  • No sexual content, not even references
  • No explicit violence
  • No discussion of your characters in ooc spaces
And anything else that may be triggering or upsetting.

Examples of unreasonable boundaries
  • No ic consequences for a character who invites them
  • No conflict for a pack whose members interact in a way that invites it
This will need to be on a case by case basis, but a good rule of thumb is this: if something makes you uncomfortable, Wolf is meant to be a safe and fun space. But we are also a writing community that as a whole supports embracing ic consequences, and the CMs will not support using this system to dodge outcomes and jeopardize another character's agency.
November 19, 2020, 12:48 PM

Nudge/Strike System

When rules are broken on WOLF, it will be handled one of two ways.

Nudges (Players)

To decrease administrative policing and to give members more power over their preferences, the nudge system should be used to provide feedback on a post you feel needs to be changed. Some examples include: skipping the post order, minor power-play or meta-gaming and refusal to embrace consequences of a situation.

These nudges are not meant to be a punishment and shouldn't be given as such. They are a way for members to mentor one another in what it means to roleplay well and are meant to facilitate conversation. They also provide a reference point for players to judge site preference when it comes to certain actions or situations (e.g. realism, meta-gaming, etc.).

Nudges MAY be referenced to provide a pattern if members come to us with repeated issues with a given player, but otherwise are meant to be purely communicative.

Strikes (Admins)

Strikes are reserved for extreme circumstances and are given by the admin team. Some examples of strike-able situations include: extreme OOC discourtesy or bullying, intruding on boundaries (as described above), repeated RP discourtesy and the inability to learn/grow from mistakes, abusing the nudge system, or harassment of other members.

Players who receive 3 strikes will be banned from WOLF.
These should not be given often, since WOLF is a community and players are expected to be mature to one another while participating. Players who cannot get along and play respectfully with the rest of the membership ruin the fun for all involved. Accumulating three strikes is the only way for a member to receive a ban from the game, and each strike will be explained in full to allow for correction in the future.