Blackfeather Woods Fuck me - I mean, surprise!
Private  October 19, 2017, 05:17 PM
The Melonii

To solidify their future union, Nyx wanted to impress the young warrior with her charm. It had yet to work on any man except for Damien (and even that was debatable) but she was absolutely certain she could make the boy fall for her. Not only was she beautiful and smart, she had the power he supposedly so desired. She wanted to be a force, pulling him closer and closer to her so he would never leave her. Some would argue this was her phobia of abandonnement making decisions for her, but she found it to be tactical and oh so very fun.

A rather cold morning greeted her, one that made her blow puffs of smoke in the wetness of dawn. This was the perfect day to make a beautiful bouquet for her future baby-maker. Now if only many flowers were left. She went outside their borders to look, but it seemed the coming of fall had left only grasses and weeds. Not much to harvest, but she was sure anyone that could stand the bitterness of their woods would appreciate such wild beauty. It was totally not an excuse because she couldn't think of anything better to get for him.

She grabbed a mouthful of weed, making sure it was not poisonous by trying to eat just a little bit, and returned to her home to find Vaati. She tried to howl with her mouth stuffed, but all she could manage were somewhat loud chuffs that gave away her position.

Nyx carries with her a raven named Tulugak - feel free to reference him (Bio for more info)