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kinda want to pick a fight :v 

idk - jesse rutherford 

While some feared solitude and silence, Zen found them both to be refreshing, comforting even.
He was alone, he had been so for the entirety of his journey. Leaving his sisters behind had been hard, but leaving his mother had been harder. Though he would never admit it out loud, maybe he was a mama's boy, and maybe he missed it. 
Yet he knew he had made the right choice, about leaving that is.
His other choices, especially lately, were more questionable. 

His common sense was clouded by a the usual teenage belief that he was invincible, and capable of all.
During the past days all traces of the humility he'd been taught were as scarce as the food.
Every day the temperatures dropped lower and the winds grew harsher and instead of travelling inland where finding shelter could be easier he continued along the coast.

With his head down, sniffing idly the sand and rocks around his feet, the small tiger pressed on, the emptiness of his belly making him feel rather irritated - and though his size could be seen as weakness, he made up for the lack of muscle with swift paws.
Bigger or smaller than average his teeth were still razor sharp.
Oh gods, spare the poor sould that crossed his path and looked at him the wrong way.