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bye bye Teekon

Something had happened to her, up there on that mountain. Something tragic and irreversible. And no matter how many opportunities she stumbled upon, here in this vast land, none of them seemed appealing enough to pursue. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, here. No future.

Slowly, bits and pieces of her memory had returned to her. She knew that she had once had a family, that it had been torn apart by. . . something unspeakable. She wasn't sure what, but she knew it had happened. That she had fled here, seeking solace in an unfamiliar land. That any happiness had been stolen from her, atop that mountain.

Snowe was not for this world. Padding silently down the mountain range and onto the meadow, she killed Snowe, dealing killing bites over and over again until the wolf she had crafted lay in a bloody heap in the corner of her mind, never to be seen again. Miyako emerged once more, like a phoenix from the ashes.

She had once been a woman of strength. Perhaps she could be, again. @Varick, maybe the one wolf who had truly understood her, was out there somewhere. . .maybe, even, waiting for her. They could have a family, a life. She could continue to put together her old self and be whole once more.

With determined steps, Miyako broke into a lope until those mountains receded far into the distance, disappearing finally below the horizon. Without them, she was free. Without them. . .I'm me.