Blackfeather Woods I hide my light inside a cloak of night
Private  December 26, 2017, 03:46 PM
The Melonii
@Vaati - prolly a discussion of what she wants to be for him and such :p

She exited the web, speckled socks upon thinner legs carrying her out of the shadows inside the pale light of day. Her mismatched pearls of eyes squinted, but at last the light returned to them like a match catching on fire. Damien was gone, wasn't he? Just after she had thought he was beginning to regain his senses - regain his love or at least admiration for her loyalty and devotion. It had been foolish of her to think everything would be alright again with him by her side. All that was permanent in her life in the Woods was herself, and with that she just had to deal. She found it awful that she had let both her position and care within and for the pack fall because of another pity-party.

Therefore, she went to seek for him. Though she did not doubt he thought of her lesser now than ever before. But, they had had an agreement. He would give her the children she wished for for a position in power. Well, the power he had now, that was for sure. Still, she found that somewhere, she longed for another kind of power. A Dark Mistress she would stay regardless, in her heart and in her speckled frame, but she wanted to be someone's mistress.

Her nose sniffed the cold air of winter, eyes darting about as they were still getting used to the (even though faint) light. Vaati? She called, halting as her ears also started searching for a sign of him.

Nyx carries with her a raven named Tulugak - feel free to reference him (Bio for more info)