Blackfeather Woods Home Swe..., Home.
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The woods themselves were perfect. The way it was always dark, even during the day was comforting. Most of the scenery was dark and she was surrounded by trees. Something she prefered much more then when she was at Moonspear with all that hard cold rock. These woods reminded her of her favorite place in the Teekon Wilds, the Haunted Wood. Then again looking at this place it might soon become her favorite. Which wouldn't be the worst thing, considering she planned on being here for quite some time. She was under the impression that here others would look at her differently, which for her, was a good thing. 

In other places people thought her to be weird, odd and rude for things she considered to be completely normal behavior. She had never really been a pack wolf and thrived more as a loner. But with such a repetative state of mind surrounded by survival she sought out a greater purpose, meaning to her life. But she had found little success finding that in her former packs.

She had had a rather rough run in with this pack in the past, but that had to have been a year ago and seemed to be forgotten at least by the more important members of this pack. She had been accepted in despite that and despite the fact that she was a former Moonspear pack member. Though she never considered herself to truely be apart of that pack.

Over the last week or so she had over heard what was going on between the two packs. Something she knew very little about before joining the ranks here. She thought it best to observe and listen to the other member of this pack from afar. Learn what she could about the way this pack worked and the true nature of the pack. It was far... 'darker' then the other, but Rouge hoped thats what would work best for her. Though she didn't think she was quite as 'dark' as some of the members here, she believed that she had once been, but time with other packs had sofened her. Maybe she could be hardened again.

She was spending her day today at the border. Looking over the packs unique way of letting others know they were here. The blood and scent of urine was strong, something that clung to her coat and would let any of the members that hadn't meet her yet know that she was meant to be here, or at least accepted to be here. She came across a rotting head even that almost took her by suprise. She looked it over in pondering.