Blackfeather Woods The land you land on
January 04, 2018, 01:50 AM
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Rouge was hearing all this gossip about this supposed war going on between the pack and others. She had no doubts that it was going on, but with her being a new member of the pack and having come from the opposing side she felt as though she was being kept from it. She wasn't sure if she wanted to participate if she was asked, but if this was going to be her new home she wanted to be able to defend it, or at least see what it was Vaati wanted her to do when the time came. 

Still being new to the pack Rouge didn't know all the intricate places that the pack avoided due to the level of danged they posed. Luckily she hadn't stumbled into any of these areas. Spending most of her times on the outskirts of where the other members spent time. She wasn't fully intigrated yet, but she was alreay alot closer to these members then the members of Moonspear. There she couldn't wait to leave, at least her she was staying within the borders, for now.

She was on the look out for Vaati to that day wanting to know where she stood with the pack right now and what they might mean for the war and for the future, if there was one afterward.