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January 04, 2018, 11:28 PM
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        Turning back would have been the wise choice. She'd done what she'd set out to do, and aside from a few encounters with the locals, nothing should've kept her away from her sisters. But Sitala trusted in Namid; she would keep the girls safe and fed for the night, and they knew well enough by now not to worry about her.

        Having spent the daylight hours within the forest and perusing the vegetation (what meager things she could find poking through the snow), now Sitala found herself on the other side. The forest had swept north and west, so she had exited the woodland facing the mountains.

        The cliffside always fascinated her—the summit too—and she thought of all the things she'd see from such great heights. Something about the dire nature of the mountainside and the chill in the air spoke to her. The terrain was not an easy thing to traverse for someone accustomed to living upon the southern plain, but her body seemed eager for the trial, and Sitala devoured the obstacles as they came upon her.

        None was more dangerous than the scent of pack that she discovered as she hiked.

        It was not so strong as to indicate a claim where she stood, but it was odorous enough (like piss and earthy musk) to indicate that this was a well traveled route for someone (or many someones). The ghost was unafraid as she drifted along, climbing across a shale deposit dusted with ice, and followed the natural ridge line until it formed a plateau. A mountain rose on either side of her—and she likened herself to a piece of meat caught between two teeth, amused to have found such a fortified and impressive place.