Cassiopeia's View Damn...I did it again.
Read Only  January 11, 2018, 05:11 PM
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He had healed slowly but surely and regained his energy. Seeing Olive again had filled him with a new sense of confidence. He would protect her again and together they'd find their children. However....he really should have known better.

As soon as he had felt good enough he had gone to hunt. During the trip he was blasted by a snowstorm and got lost, wandering blindly and having to take shelter. Once the storm died down he had begun to find his way to Cassiopeia's View, they're meeting place. He had stopped by Moonspears borders just to sniff around and was surprised to find Olive's scent faint. Still though he returned to the View.

Now he stood on the View staring out blankly. He had done it again. Olive had probably assumed he'd abandoned her and run away, giving up on him. What was he to do now? After a few moments of pondering he decided to keep his promise. He'd go find their kids and in the best situation they'd come back with him to find their mother, worst situation they'd hate his guts, probably be aggressive, and shun him. Releasing a sigh he turned away from the place that had his daughter's namesake and began his journey.