Totoka River but slowly
All Welcome  January 12, 2018, 01:58 PM
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         The place was stunning; made perfect by the blazing sunset above. Colours danced in the sky; which seemed as if someone had set it aflame. The river had split into dozens of glassy delta's, spreading across the beach. The recent thaw had chased away the ice that had impeded the path of the mirror-rivers, allowing the sight that greeted her to exist. Each mirrored pathway contained a fragment of the heavens above, blazing in its glory. 

         The siren stepped between the mirrors carefully, occasionally stepping into one of the frigid deltas and sending ripples across the sky's image. The sunset would not last long; nor would the thaw; and thus she set to committing all she saw around her to memory. She walked, embedded with a kind of serenity that came with being in the presence of such perfect beauty.