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She wanders yet again, apparently unable to quiet the urge to venture every nook and cranny of Morningside. She divides her time between resting with her anxious thoughts and roaming the territory, sometimes hunting, sometimes simply exploring. After a good amount of sleep she is energetic, her mood brighter than it has been in weeks. 

The snow muffles the usual sounds of the forest, leaving the evening eerily quiet. Kaevo does not expect much, but her predicion of an uneventful day is ruined by one of the strangest  noises she has ever heard. Brow furrowing, she stops abruptly, looking here and there until her citrine eyes light upon a group of wild turkeys, strutting and gobbling through the forest. Her lips twitch as she painstakingly withholds a burst of laughter... They are the ugliest, the silliest creatures she has ever seen. The young she-wolf lowers herself to her belly, barely able to slow her tail down to a reasonably slow sway, and watches them.