Blackfoot Forest Blue Skies
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Foxes were over-represented here and, while Birk had found plenty of other food-sources to keep him going, he did not like the idea of, what would happen, when he would have to rely on fox-meat alone. A possibility that could happen at any time and at any place. They were a trouble to catch and kill, and there was not much to them either - fur and bones. However, while the northerner did not have to think about them as his sole diet, it was interesting to track and watch them. They were clever little things and had their way of finding food. 

Today he had followed them from the glade next to Easthollow, all the way to a forest at the foot of a mountain. He had caught their scent, gone through and over their mousing place in the meadow first, and then continued his way into the dark woods. Here he lost the tracks, but since it was a novel place with a potential for being useful in the future, Birk proceeded.