Blackfeather Woods this time it'll be different
All Welcome  February 06, 2018, 01:49 AM
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set before the thread with the pups, after the war. feel free to rough him up a bit more but no death or broken bones pls :)

He had lain at the edge of the weeping meadow for some time before hoisting himself off the ground and finding a place to lay. He nourished himself from the trickle of a nearby stream and caches that he knew nearby. More than anything else Cicero was simply waiting for the end to come, for he did not think that he would live this time. Most wolves seemed gone but a few of the scent trails still here intrigued him. One in particular; could it be that he smelled @Damien's trail around the Woods still? There were traces of @Potema and Relmyna and others too but Cicero could make less sense of them because they had been there before the war, too, and he found it hard with his blood-caked nose to tell the difference between old and new at the moment. Damien, however... He had been there, certainly, when he had been absent from the Woods for some time before.

Cicero shambled through the territory, body broken and blood caked to various places. He'd been hurt before, he'd hurt himself before, but never like this. This time, it was different.