Stone Circle Ka lā hiki ola
February 07, 2018, 09:36 AM
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The dawning of a new day

Soon after her lovely time with her new alpha, she was eager to meet with her fellow pack mates. Anxiety began to set in - what if they didn’t like her? Valette seemed to be very kind, hopefully, the others were the same. After her small tour, the pale vixen returned to the sacred Stone Circle that her leader spoke of. Energy was radiating from the rocks, her eyes focused on the one representing the fallen wolf, Steady. The dark wolfess mentioned him with heart, increasing her interest in the spirituality of this place. 

She sat leisurely, studying the demeanor of her new home. The yearling herself was radiating like the stones, full of excitement - but this drew her attention in. Everything seemed to be going miraculously well, a new home amongst friendly wolves. It put her at ease to live amongst those with similar ideas than her past home. Ohana was greatly important here and at the sandy beaches of Maui.