Heron Lake Plateau ashwini
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RIP Rama
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        the morning sky was dim and the stars had yet to fully hide themselves behind the curtain of daylight, and he was a caliginous, amorphous shape set upon a foreign plateau. this was no different from any other day.

        he was maladjusted at this point; unhinged by a fickle relationship with these stars that once meant so much to him, and adapting poorly to a crepuscular lifestyle when he, for so many years, lived solely for the night. sleep was a resource that had long since dried up, and it showed in the red rimming of his gaze, the slouch of his head beneath tall shoulders, the dragging of his heel.

        this creature, this once-a-man, was a shade of his former self without his precious stars; but he would not look upon them now or ever, not after the loss he purported to have suffered through them. no, he was a petulant man as well as a righteous one. he would carry on with this demeaning lifestyle beneath their watch and be glad to think they suffer for him.
February 13, 2018, 08:03 AM
Ryple Lee
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As the stars faded in the sky one by one, the woman flipped her tail as she trotted over the landscape, a glint in her eye. It had been a good few days, and she wouldn't mind staying in one place. Yet something pushed her onwards as the days worn on. 
She didn't know what this drive was, but it was strong, her paws pounding the dirt day after day. A tune from her past popped into her head, and she began bobbing along. As her nose caught a scent, her eyes became sharp, and her ears swiveled forward, trying to see who the owner of this strange scent was.