Blacktail Deer Plateau The sun will come out
All Welcome  February 10, 2018, 08:41 AM
It had gotten much worse before it had gotten better. He'd accepted that he would die, something that never should happen to a kid before he hit a year old. Granted he was just about a year but accepting that he was leaving this world and his family behind had done something to the bubbly boy. He'd laid still and barely breathing, quiet and in a constant coma like slumber for days before he finally woke up. He'd felt good enough to wake up,sit up,stand, and walk around. He'd even followed his father and sister to the corten event.  It had exhausted him fully and when he got home he'd passed out for almost a full day more. Then he began to eat and walk around the borders.

This morning he woke up with the first ache of true hunger he'd had in a while. He salivated and stood up heading out of the den and pausing. Peering at the sky he stared openly at the pinkish blue of the sunrise and his breathe caught. This was something he would have never seen again if he'd died. The thought struck him hard and he shivered sending a silent thank you to whatever higher power there was. Tearing his eyes from the sky he stared off toward the borders and with a sudden burst of energy he sprung forward, running for the first time in a while. It felt good to move like this again and he grinned right before he hit a patch of ice and slid forward, legs flailing rather ungracefully before he faceplanted into the snow, rear end in the air. He groaned softly before lifting his muzzle from the bitter snow and sneezing off the coldness on his muzzle.

Birdcatcher: 4/10