Duck Lake the hell we've found ourselves in
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tags for reference. set a couple weeks after pema, burr, dauntless leave MOS

The days went by, and Shale had grown increasingly worried. @Pema had left with Burr and @Dauntless a while ago, and he knew from experience that the trip to and from Easthollow didn't take that long, especially if you cut over the mountains with haste. And he assumed Pema had made haste--it was important to get the boy home, after all.

One morning he rose and the anxiety overcame him, like a thick blanket of fog. It clouded his every thought, permeating every task he occupied himself with in the vain hope of getting his mind off her absence. Finally, he could bear it no longer. With a brief word to @Grayday, promising he'd return soon, Shale departed the plateau at near breakneck speed, flitting over the mountains, a desperate silver shadow.

He had drawn quite near to Easthollow's borders when the sharp tang of blood caught his nose. Intrigued, he followed the trail, but his curiosity transformed rapidly into horror as he realized that this blood was intermingled with Burr's scent. It was Burr's blood.

Gods, what had happened?

Alarmed, Shale sniffed around for several minutes, trying to piece together the story. The boy had clearly been dragged off somewhere by someone, and. . . He stiffened as he caught wind of Pema's scent. Had she been attacked, too? No--her scent trail diverged, heading--intertwined with Dauntless's scent, also, thankfully--toward the fox glade.

There wasn't much time. Shale must find Pema and Dauntless and return them to the plateau--before the same fate befell them all as well. And then they all must fly. The plateau was no longer safe, and Morningside must relocate. Clearly, these lands were unsafe as well. Hell, where was?!

He didn't know what had happened. . .but he assumed the worst. And rightly so, unbeknownst to him.