Hushed Willows Blood is thicker
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He was back at it again in Teekon, searching for Stark and feeling the need to explain why he'd vanished so suddenly. The first time he'd come to Teekon was in search of Stark but his heart had been heavy with the loss of his father and sister and the destruction of his natal pack. This time was different, he was hopeful and he'd fixed the mistake of abandoning his family in their time of need. Helena Valley was now Terralia, run by Jashen and Lenena, with enough members to breed new blood into the pack and keep it going for a long while.

Almost instinctively his paws found there way into familiar land, land he hadn't seen in two years. He didn't know what to expect but as he approached he couldn't help the way his heartbeat accelerated at the familiar land. Almost naively he prayed that he'd see the familiar dark pelt of Stark along the borders. Wait. The borders. He paused and took a deep breath, eyes darkening and the hope fading in that sickening way, as if his heart dropped to his stomach. The borders weren't there, there wasn't even a faint trace of routinely placed markings. Marauder's keep no longer remained and with it's disappearance his mission to find Stark became harder. He couldn't help the way his tail dropped as he gave the area quick once over, memories playing in his mind.