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@Chusi - he would have let her know he’s going recruiting for a few days!

        Koji, not wanting to take the long way around the ridge, had ended up taking a path over the mountain near ghost lion crag. He had figured that was the quickest and easiest way to get over the looming mountain that stood between himself and the wilderness, but unfortunately for him, mother nature had to be a real pain in the ass and make it near impossible to get over the rise. He had fallen around five or six times just trying to make it up, he would have thought going down would be easier but unsurprisingly he was wrong about that too. His legs were covered in cuts and nicks but miraculously he had managed to avoid sustaining any major injuries so at least he had that going for him.

        Now safely on even ground, the huntsman immediately let his nose run along the damp spring floor, eyes widely searching for any sign of life. The hinterlands were utterly boring and lifeless, making it near impossible to recruit anyone. And so in a desperate attempt to contribute to their numbers, Koji decided to head out in search of any poor souls who were in need of a home. He hoped the rest of the wilds weren’t as dull as the place they’d chosen to settle, otherwise he feared they may never get up and running.