Deepwood Weald i looked away
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        the eldritch light that blossomed like pale fire between the thin trees delighted buffalo. he took some dark pleasure practicing his materialization from the glow; one moment hidden, the next in full bloodstained view. chortling to himself, for buffalo was not a man who knew the meaning of loneliness unless it pertained to byll, the self-named king paced through the spindly forest.
        "mm, lookit, lookit," he muttered to no one in particular, digging at the base of a flat stone until he'd uncovered pale bulbs in the cold earth. "jonquille." daffodils, of course, and dangerous to consume, but holding medicinal properties all the same. the madman lifted the pair of round things from their grave and carried them gingerly in his mouth through the weald, with no particular destination in mind.
April 17, 2018, 07:12 AM
Lyra had farewelled Alya with equal amounts enthusiasm and sadness, relieved Hydra had returned from her own journey before the girl could take a nosedive into self isolation without her sisters. Whenever one left, she felt like a piece of her very soul had been removed. She needed a distraction, a change of scenery. Entertaining herself with the newest litter — as much as she loved them — only reminded her of Alya's maternal instincts and the curious motherly nature she had subjected her sisters to for a while there. A trip of her own was overdue.

It wouldn't be as far as her triplets', Lyra being the homebody she was. However, an excursion to find new herbs was enough to spur her northwards, through silverlight terrace and into an eerie woodland. At first she had thought snow was beginning to fall again but soon realised the forest itself was shrouded in a peculiar mist. The trees rose like gangly fingers reaching skywards, the ground littered with rotten twigs that snapped underfoot. Whispers suddenly reached her ears, and Lyra whirled around, stifling a startled gasp. She was not a believer of ghosts despite her father's stories, but she was still startled by the spectral being that had appeared in her field of vision. It disappeared just as quickly, white coat blending effortlessly into its surroundings while Lyra's own formed a conspicuous black void within the landscape.

She huffed irritatedly at her own nervousness, inhaling deeply before releasing a demand of the spectre. "Show yourself."
April 21, 2018, 11:43 PM
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        a stringy cackle greeted the demon's demand; buffalo had let the bulb fall from his bloodstained jaws at the appearance of a static-edged figure glinting through the light. spirit or living thing, the madman did not care — buffalo held himself still within the glowing spears of light, sensing he was not easily seen. "i think not," came his rolling tenor, warm with a familiarity he had not earned.
        "didn't your daddy teach you not to traipse around strange lands alone, doll?" he added after a pause, pacing glibly to the left and letting his bloodstained jaws catch the light as he stepped into view. a hiccuping guffaw broke from the madman; his ice-fire eyes pinned her with a swiftly deepening hunger.
        "didn't mommy teach you about the bogeyman?" 
        buffalo snapped his head into a tilt, droplets of blood flying from his jaws to spatter the pristine snow beyond.