Nova Peak linger
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The arrival of spring was something that she did not make note of; there were no real differences between the seasons when you lived surrounded by the cold as she did. A fierce wind had begun to howl through the night near the ending of one season and beginning of the other - now, the howling merely followed her through the night and in to the day. With the wind came the blustering clouds. The dark figure bludgeoned her way south (against the howling currents) and soon found herself upon the coast, where the snow truly ebbed away. The sand was hard and frigid, but soon enough the roaring of the frenzied sea became white noise in her ears — and in looking back to the wilderness she had just departed, Malguk could see dark clouds on the horizon ready to coat the world in ice again. She was thankful that she had escaped before the storm could break; however, as soon as her attention deviated to the sea and to the southlands along the coast, all thoughts of her previous haunts vanished from her mind. Without a word the bear of a woman resumed her exploration at a daunting pace, keeping herself alert for dangers — or, potentially, something to hunt.

She's actually due north of Nova Peak, above the Tangle, where the water terminates at sea. Open to whoever — but thinking of sending her at Drageda if there is space, so she'll be heading towards the cliffs.