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Daggerjaw had given up on the Hinterlands for the time being, seeing as it seemed to be devoid of life, beyond one injured wolf and few others. She’d reluctantly left her new sanctuary, the “island” surrounded on all sides by a river split in two. She was half-wolf, much as she sometimes hated to admit it, and wanted the company of others just like any other wolf. So now she was here, having found the mountains to the east a barrier she didn’t want to cross. She’d gone north instead and hit ocean. The sea was something her old home had had too, but she’d never seen it, having spent her life farther inland. Now she sat and stared at glistening blue water, shivering in the cold. Cold was not something she was used to. Her old home had been much warmer, and snow was something she’d only heard about as a pup from her mother, who had come from far away in a place that got so cold that frozen rain fell from the sky in winter.

She wondered at the intelligence of coming here. Surely no wolf would be crazy enough to set up a pack here…