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No one comes up with better thread titles than an inspired Tweety.

After this visit, Forrest did plan on coming back for intermittent check-ups. Sunspire wasn't far from the Valley, and because Rannoch already had a swarm of midwives under his eye (two of which were pregnant, but that's neither here nor there) she didn't think that he would mind. Even though she loved being around Blondine's kin and helping wherever she could, her job was done. The children had been born and to the best of her knowledge, they'd all successfully latched on. 

For now, the mothers of the Valley were surviving without Forrest around to watch them; she could make a safe return home without worrying about the wolves she was leaving behind. Nonetheless, it was common courtesy for a visitor to let the Alpha know before they left and to give proper thanks. Seeing as Anna was incapacitated for the time being, Forrest called for @Xan and waited patiently at the border for his arrival.