Firestone Hot Springs heavenly
All Welcome  April 16, 2018, 11:30 AM
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Daggerjaw was still in pain from her fall at Moonstone Quarry, but she wasn’t slowing down much. Her side ached from where she had landed on it. What she really needed was some kind of pain reliever but she didn’t know the first thing about where to get stuff like poppy seeds or even whether they were in season right now. For about the fiftieth time since arriving in the Teekon Wilds, she wished she had her siblings with her. They’d take care of her. They’d dote over her. Because they were her family and family stuck together — except when it didn’t… like now. 

Sighing, she crested a ridge after having finally gotten out of a dense forest and discovered quite a strange sight below her. There was… steam billowing seemingly out of the ground. How odd… Brows drawn together in confusion, she picked her way down the ridge and approached the steaming ground. The smell hit her suddenly — the smell of rotten eggs. She crinkled her nose and kept going, her coyote father’s curiosity getting the better of her.

It was water. There were steaming pools of water down here. She wondered if they were hot enough to kill and slowed her pace cautiously. Coming closer to the first pool here, she very slowly dipped a paw in and then yanked it out again, fully expecting to see burnt fur and blistering flesh… but, no, she was actually just fine. Her paw was warm and wet and rapidly cooling from being exposed to the cold air. Feeling that the warm water might be just what her aching side needed, she let out a bark of puppy-like joy and flopped into the pool, staying in the shallow part near the edge so that she could lay down without submerging her head. It felt… heavenly.