Hushed Willows While on a Stroll
April 24, 2018, 09:57 PM
Lone Wolves

AW... but maybe @Poet

[small]He had been traveling alot the last couple days, and seemingly without a purpose. It had been a long time since he had been this far away from Easthollow and it was rejuvinating. Ever since that night at Arrow Lake he felt a new. Like he was on the right path. Strange how an encounter with the right female could do that. He was getting back to his old self, though some would argue that meant he was getting back to his old habits. But he was humble and didn't flaunt his recent activities to most.

To day was a rather hot day, the first really hot day of the spring season after all that linging snow. Having traveled a great distance in only a short amount of time he decided to take a rest in the hushed willows. An elegant place draped with weeping willows providing ample shade for the gentleman. The sea air was cool and soothing, prompting his to lay down at the base of one of the trees and rest his eyes as he listened to the sound of the wind as it played with the leaves of the willows.

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