Ravensblood Forest you could be good for me; i've had the taste for danger
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The scents were stale. The wolf weaved among the shade of the sequoias as the sun strained to pierce their canopy. Travel was easy; there was no thick underbrush here to snag and sour him, and he moved at an effortless lope. His nose alternated between the damp soil and the air. There could be an old cache nearby and the possibility of a bone left behind.

Several hours into his search he had awarded him nothing. Jagwyr snorted as he drew his dirtied snout out from the hole his paws had excavated. Scavengers had already claimed whatever had been stashed there, and so he scanned his surroundings as his tongue curled up to clean his nose and lick hungrily at his lips.

He moved on. Paw over paw. Motivated by the pitiless burn in his belly. The angry squalling of gray squirrels competing for their chance to mate tugged his ear back reflexively, but did little to interest him. However, the rhythmic drumming of a cock grouse halted him. Head up, ears forward, he worked to ascertain direction and distance.