Coconut Grove she diverts the course of a fast-flowing river with her incantations
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The sun shone bright overhead as the waves beat upon the shore. Seafret walked through the sand with her head held aloft and her pale gaze searching for what she believed to be a purpose for her being there. She had been led, she knew, and she dutifully followed those strange little spirits until she had arrived in the depths of the wilds with only her wits and her magic about her. The druid was now at a loss, for the voices had stopped speaking to her and she felt she had no true direction for her travel.
A roar of waves beat on the sands, crashing loudly and turning her ears away from it. She had once thought the sea to be a beautiful place, filled with wonder and excitement. The coconut trees that grew there hung lazily with promise of bearing fruits that would likely be far too difficult for her kin to open. She watched as a bird fluttered into the tops of the nearest one and pecked at the starting shell. Seafret smiled fondly at the creature before it disappeared in a great beating of its wings, leaving her to wonder where her next move would be.