Lost Creek Hollow he came riding from the south side
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The sun was still low in the eastern sky when the Nord reached the border of the Teekon Wilds. Haggard and rawboned from what felt like ages of traveling alone, he had finally reached somewhere that felt habitable. Above him, the sky bore a muted palette of pastel as a low-hanging stretch of gray began to form. 

Fen traveled through the morning until the sun was high above his back. He could scarcely make out the inviting silhouette of trees in the distance, and he could only hope they would offer sentry from the high and unyielding heat.  

He breached the line of trees that marked the border of Lost Creek Hollow and shade fell upon him. Beneath the shade there was a stream and this time of year it was filled to the brim with strong adult salmon hoping to breed. The Nord's heavy paws  He drew his tongue across his muzzle and thrust his rust-tipped snout into the water. Alabaster cutlery clattered together as his efforts yielded no reward, and he spluttered as his head rose above the water once more.  Damn!

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For the first time in a great while Stark had left Easthollow. He'd said his goodbyes to the wife and kids, stretched his legs, and strode right out into the wilderness. It felt freeing but he couldn't dwell on that. He'd gotten to the point where he was comfortable in his role most days. This, now that the children were more responsive, what something he was more familiar with. Still, part of the day to himself was always a plus and he wasn't going to argue with Rhodes who promised to keep an eye on things. So the dark Beta made his way out of the territory and decided to check on the creeks nearby.

Valette had enough of an idea on the population of animals that Stark would have asked her directly on any given day - but the fish had always been one of the small ways he'd kept himself busy. He spotted another wolf and after what might have been a repeat attempt yet still no fish, he gave a polite cough. "You have to aim for where they're going to be, not where they are. Want some help?" He offered - it wouldn't hurt at all to spare some time and Val might enjoy the taste of fish for a change. 
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*tries to get into this character*

One of his ears turned as he caught the sound of footfalls, but it seemed as if the strange male would be courteous enough to not traipse through the waters and frighten off all the fish.  He raised his head as the other spoke.  It was information he already knew, but if he hadn't it would have been quite helpful and Fen was able to recognize that for what it was instead of having his pride wounded.  Already in his mind he decided he liked this strange man and then?  

His brows raised in surprise as the stranger offered to help, and he could not help the good-natured grin that split across his maw.  Sure, thank you.  He moved over so the slate male would have room to hunt alongside him.  I'm Fen.