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All Welcome  June 14, 2018, 07:56 PM
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        A move; an influx of new members; pups— none of these things had necessarily appealed to Samaantine, and still they did not. Some days she considered leaving, going back to the bleeding forest. It was nice there. Likely less crowded now. Most days, she was too attached to having someone around to glare at. There was no shortage here.
        She trailed lazily along the creek, trying to decide whether she wanted to go antagonize Samothes or not. Ultimately, she decided against it— too easy, too familiar. But what else tied her to this pack anymore? Samaantine saw no opportunity in the place; nothing of particular interest, even. Well, unless you think furry gremlins are interesting. She did not.
June 16, 2018, 01:15 AM
Lone Wolves

He knew he had recognized the scent, and recently. It came to him. Somehow, in some way he had missed seeing Wylla. She was here, he knew that scent and was sure of it now. It made his blood boil. Did that mean the others were here too? He had not scented them, or at least thought not. The thought of her being here, and with Chusi here too. 

That's when he spotted someone moving along the creek, and he paused. For a moment, he thought it was Wylla with her on his mind but it was not in fact. It was someone else. He gave a huff to them, letting them know he was there. Although he would also appear disinterested.