Heron Lake Plateau Walk tall like warriors
All Welcome  June 29, 2018, 06:49 PM
It was time.

Well, actually, it was past time -- but better late than never, right? @Finley and Elwood had put off moving from their densite for longer than usual; they were experienced parents, and knew when it was time to give their children more freedom. But maybe their hesitation was because they were raising @Tywyll and @Cinder somewhere other than the caldera -- or perhaps it was just because they wanted to pretend their youngest weren't growing as fast as they were. Whatever the reason, the parents had finally picked out a location and decided to go through with it.

"Come on, boys," Elwood said, rounding the not-so-little-anymore Blackthorns up with Finley's help. "You're getting big, so it's time to give you more space to play and grow. We won't be sleeping here anymore," he continued, gesturing at the den that they had called home for the past few months. "We're going to move closer to the lake, and you'll be able to go off on your own more." Of course, they had been exploring their independence quite a bit as of late, but now it would be more official.


A short time later, they had settled near the lake for which the territory was named. Tywyll and Cinder had plenty of wide open space to explore. Elwood and Finley bumped shoulders happily, giving each other the equivalent of a wolfish high-five, before romping off to play with their boys.