Swiftcurrent Creek The end in friend
All Welcome  September 16, 2018, 10:42 AM
Swiftcurrent Creek
The young mother found her way through the creek, a hare dangling from betwixt her teeth that she was planning to feed to her babies. The two had grown a lot, much like Durnehviir's, yet her girl was still far too tiny to make Chusi feel safe. Winter wouldn't wait on her children to be grown, and so she had to care for them the best she could.

She took a break making her way back, knowing the two would be safe with the pack, to drink a bit. Her body had pretty much recovered from giving birth and she was glad to be on the road again. Still, she felt rather distanced from her eldest boy. Mother and son didn't spend much time together, her focusing more on the little girl and the eldest one probably thinking he wasn't important to her anymore. She sighed.

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