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It had been a harrowing and lonely journey that the maiden had undertaken since the revolt, which left Oryx and her step-sisters scattered and fending for themselves. For nearly 10 months, Oryx had been travelling South, from the cold Northern winter and her birthplace in the Rocky Mountains and as far away as she could get from a place haunted by memories she would rather forget. And after all that had happened, she had been the lucky one, compared to her sisters and especially her mother and step-mothers. The travel had created a lean, hungry animal out of what had once been a beautiful and soft creature though despite the hardships of living on her own she still retained a sort of elegance in her petite frame that resonated in the careful but graceful way she moved. 

Winter had come around again- how had the summer been so fleeting? And she found herself craving the company and furthermore, the direction of others. She had been a kite without a string, wandering with the breeze and no tether to guide her from harm. Now she needed a safe harbour, something she believed existed even though she had not necessarily experienced. But her mothers had spoken of such a life, leaving her with sweet dreams and aspirations of intimacy and friendship once more. 

As she reached the creek to drink, she caught the scent of a few wolves- ones whose scents mingled together and she felt herself marvelling at the mere idea of having a family- a real, traditional family- of her own. The whispy faerie whined to herself quietly, insecurity seeping into her mind, presenting itself in the form of back-turned ears and widened, silvery-blue eyes. She wanted a home...But was it true? Could such a thing exist?
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the charmer had made a great effort to familiarize himself with the creek and its surrounding territories. he had already found a fondness within him for the shadowed wood that circled around the terrain and offered something of a peaceful little hideaway. though he didn't want to admit it, it was truly a good place to call their own. grayson had always had a knack for finding them – people, places – and though harrison would never admit that to his brother's face without a sneer and a condescending tone, he had often thought it to himself.

padding along the edge of the creek, the charmer allowed his frame to drift toward the water and his limbs to sink into the soft sands. in another life, he might have belonged to the ocean. as it was, he much preferred the company of the tall trees and the creatures that called them home. there was something to be said for how secure they made things feel, even though they were only just part of the landscape. he had always imagined himself among the wood, and he did not see why that could not happen.

the wind shifted and carried the scent of a stranger to him.

harrison turned his attention toward it and latched his sights on the shape of a dark stranger. her scent did not belong to them – yet. with a careful pace, the charmer began to make his way to where she was. he approached with a standard swaggering gait and a lopsided grin that seemed to dominantly lift one half of his features. when he had closed a great deal of distance between them, harrison released a quiet chuff of greeting and waited to see if the dark woman might respond.
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As it was, with the snow falling softly on her solver-flecked shoulders, Oryx felt the chill in the air as she approached the stream. It had not yet begun to freeze though, which was fairly encouraging. She wondered if it would, and when that might happen. It didn’t look too deep or too fast where she was, but she could have been wrong- she wasn’t one to try and risk her life on ice if she wasn’t absoutely sure it was completely frozen. 

Her back-turned ears picked up the faint sound of another wolf approaching and she lifted her dark muzzle just ling enough to catch the scent of a male- one of a few she’d caught in the area, all mingled together. She tucked her tail without even thinking of it but waited rather than running away. She cast her silvery gaze here and there until she caught sight of the pale creature coming toward her.

As far as wolves went, he was of the handsome sort- there was an animalistic confidence to his swagger that gave him a manly, attractive allure that oozed masculinity. Naturally, while part of her knew to fear a confident male wolf, she was more consumed by his charm and the way one side of his face calmly observed her- and the other side showed what she hoped was approval. The tip of her curved, white-tipped tail began to wave between her hocks and she licked her lips- a subservient albeit somewhat nervous habit of hers- as she angled herself sideways to defer to him as he approached her and the stream. Though she regarded him only with her periphral vision- and a few furtive, stolen glances here and there- her attention was all his. 

He chuffed a greeting to her, and she responded by quickening the wagging of her lowered tail and the quivering of her ears, voicing her greeting in the form of an eager, gentle whine. Another shy glance was cast his way, but she sidled sideways gravefully, gesturing with a deft but casual motion of her muzzle for him to approach without fearing that she might turn him away. Everything about her posture was meek but welcoming too; shy but eager to have met someone new.
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oh, she was cute!

harrison couldn't help but to find her unassuming nature and quiet whine to be appealing to him. already, he had thought that she would suit their group well. immediately, he was struck with a thought that had never crossed his mind before. if grayson was making all of the pairings in the pack, what if he took the best girl for himself? it would make sense, right? this girl seemed to be the ideal candidate for their culture and their lifestyle. something in the pale snake didn't want to even show her to his brother.

all of these thoughts played through his mind in rapid motion before he had even said so much as a word to the dark woman. it was foolish of him to even think that he could have a say in what was wanted – that this girl even desired to belong to their brood – and that grayson would truly allow him to take a woman that was not designated for him. the most that he could hope for was that his brother would smile on him when it came time for a pairing and would provide him with an ideal mate.

if not, harrison wasn't certain that he'd be able to keep it in his pants for just one gal.

the charmer noted the wagging of her tail, and his eyes trailed the length of her without pause as she moved to angle herself to the side. she was slim and attractive to him. knowing that he ought to have spoken, harrison cleared his throat quietly and then drew his crown upward with a charming smile planted on his dark lips. the light color of his eyes left the tail end of her and latched tightly to her face.

“hey there,” his gruff voice left much softer than he'd ever allowed it to before. “why don't you come on over here? it's chilly by the water.” harrison motioned with his muzzle for her to cross where the water was lower than anywhere else. the invitation was something that he hoped she would accept without second thought.
November 13, 2018, 03:35 PM
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The way the pale fellow regarded her with his sparkling, champagne gaze made her feel a rash of heat along her belly, so sudden and hot that she didn’t quite know what to do with herself. She felt somewhat exposed there, and felt as though she was being judged...But by the smile that teased his lips, she could tell that he liked what he saw and never before had anyone looked at Oryx like that- and spiked such a reaction in her. This was what her mother had told her about- this was what her mother had first seen in her father, someone who made her stomach burn when he looked at her, and made her struggle to find words. Oryx found herself not wanting to speak at all, but she did dearly want to draw nearer to him- but it was not her place to do so, and she did not want to approach a stranger who did not welcome her company.

When he did speak, she turned her silvery blue gaze up at him, and found his features deliciously charming and inviting, and found herself weakening once more. It was as though he’d cast a spell on her, with that lopsided grin he’d given her, and the way he’d hungrily looked her over. Now, with a voice that was warm and gentle, low and inviting, he had enticed her to join him and there was nothing that would keep her on her bank at that moment. Politely, she gave him an appreciative and appeasing bow of her head, a smile teasing at the corners of her mouth. On the inside, her heart was fluttering but she did her best to remain composed on the outside as she moved to the part of the stream closer to him where he had indicated that the crossing would be easier. Though the rocks were slippery, she moved into the water with an air of certainty and grace, and though every part of her wanted to rush across the waters, she instead remained composed and moved daintily, picking her way through the waters so carefully that the current moved gently around her legs rather than sloshing against them, and she did not lose her footing once. He had chosen well, to invite her to cross there- for even with her stature as it was, the water did not rise against her knees and did not reach the long, flaxen fur of her underside.

”Thank you,” She spoke, her articulation careful and clear, even though her voice was soft, like a ribbon of silk. ”You are right; it is definitely much lovelier on this side of the creek,” She said, her tone and gaze insinuating, of course, that she was most taken with her current companion, and that was the reason she found this side of the creek to be all the more lovely than the other side. She had been taught how to interact politely with males, how to flatter them...And had seen her mothers use those effects on her father- but it felt amazing to finally use those tactics herself- and on such a handsome wolf.

He was right in inviting her over- it was warmer where he was, though she couldn’t help but shudder slightly upon feeling the wind against the wet fur along her slender legs. Still, she braved the cold and pushed it out of her mind as well as she could, knowing that the winter would only get colder yet. It was warmer on that side of the creek, as it was more sheltered, though it wasn’t much warmer had there been no wind chill on the opposite bank. When the wind did manage to arc toward the two wolves along the bank, she struggled to hide a slight shiver that went down her spine. She hoped, too, that it might invite him to shield her from the cold- as a gentleman would- or draw her in closer so that she could share his warmth.
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the snake was almost floored when she seemed to comply with his invitation. his pale sights followed her movements as she stepped into the frigid waters and passed without a single splash to the other side. all the while, he wondered if she was truly there or if he had imagined himself a stunning woman. it wasn't the first time he'd thought about the ideal lady, and he had been certain that it wouldn't be the last... at least, before he'd met the darker creature standing before him.

harrison smiled so that his lips curled upward and the edges of his eyes crinkled. the end of his tail wavered between his hocks. she had agreed that his side of the creek was to be preferred, and already he found that he liked her presence far more than most of the women they had gathered up along the way. still, when she mentioned that she thought it was lovelier on his side, he could not help but to wink a single eye at her and respond with, “well, it certainly is now.”

drawing his crown upward and extending his chest some, harrison did what he could to make himself appealing to her. it wasn't difficult to get the man to strut about like a peacock on any other day; he had made a habit of it since he had been a young boy. still young, but the charmer had learned many more lessons in his time. there were simply things that worked when speaking to someone of the opposite sex.

“say, you don't live near here, do you?” the pale snake inquired with a canting of his skull. there was a hopefulness to his voice. it seemed as though he was wanting her to tell him 'no,' that she was searching for a home and he had happened upon her at precisely the right time. in an ideal world, he imagined that's how it would go. instead, he waited to see what she might provide as her answer.
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hurrr de durr sorry this has dragged on..Can probably be wrapped up pretty easily though, hey? So she can be officially pledged :)

Oryx felt herself melt when he spoke, and chanced another glance up at his handsome face. How was it that a wolf could be so perfect, so charming? There was something about the way he smiled, and the way the light shone in his pale, shimmering gaze that made her feel warm and dizzy all at the same time. She had never looked upon another wolf in such a way, and found herself lightly overwhelmed with how quickly she found herself attracted to Harrison...And surprised by the fact that he seemed to welcome her company as quickly as he did. 

"I don't have a home..." She said, and glanced up at him again, her gaze showing worry. She'd caught the tone of his voice, and the hope within her own chest grew as well. With winter approaching, she would need to find one; and in her eyes was a silent plea, hoping that if he did have a home and a pack, that he might take her in. "I'm Oryx," She said quietly, her tail waving slightly between her ankles. Whatever he was called, she was sure it was something incredibly dapper and elite; a wolf who presented himself in the fashion Harrison did had to have both a splendid name and home to boast.
January 06, 2019, 09:14 PM
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! yeah we sure can :D

well the pretty young lady didn’t have a home… what a shame! really, it wasn’t a shame at all. he was over the moon at the premise of keeping her around a while longer. he just had to make sure that he was making the rosings group sound as appealing as possible for her. she would live in the lap of luxury as a woman of the pack. she wouldn’t have had to lift a paw for most things other than to tend to the pups. who could want more than that? the men would have seen to the hard labor of gathering food and tending to the borders. they were the warriors and the hunters over their softer counterparts.
“well, oryx… you could certainly have a home with us,” he offered her in a gentle tone. his gaze swept to lock with her own and he formed a smile that would have melted butter. the snake had to put on the smooth moves for her. she was a catch and half! the pale man turned his head back toward the territory on his side of the creek and made a gesture with his muzzle. “i’m harrison, and we’re aiming to claim this little slice of paradise.”
January 06, 2019, 09:25 PM
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Oryx wriggled slightly when she was told that she now had a home- but stilled herself, as it wasn't very adult or ladylike for her to wriggle like that. She had composure to establish and maintain, and didn't want to seem too youthful and inexperienced, certainly not in front of someone as posture-perfect as Harrison, as he introduced himself. Her eyes shone with adoration as she nodded eagerly, unable to completely control both her relief and joy that she'd been taken in. 

"I would love to call this my home," She said, and willingly followed him into what would be her new home, embracing with it all the laws and rules that would guide her lifestyle.