King Elk Forest Every heart has its own skeletons
All Welcome  November 10, 2018, 10:49 PM
Lone Wolves

Her exploration of the forest was merely to pass the time. She padded softly on dainty feet across the forest floor, trying her hardest to avoid any spots where thin layers of snow had accumulated. The sound of running water caused her dark ears to twitch a bit, and she stopped, lifting her velvet muzzle up to sniff the air. Once she had locked in on what she thought to be the direction of the sound, she began to head that way.

Before too long, the trees parted to reveal a small, somewhat quickly moving creek. She moved until her graceful paws were flush with the water and stopped, lowering her head to drink. Once satisfied, she began to carefully dip her front feet beneath the surface of the frigid liquid to clean them off, occasionally swiping her face with moistened paws to make sure it was clean as well. It was most important that she always looked clean and well put-together; she never knew when she would be in the company of others, and how awful would it be to look like some dirty trollop instead of the lady she was.
November 13, 2018, 03:23 PM
Lone Wolves

the creek was fine, but the pale snake found that he preferred the forest over the babbling little brook. the towering trees provided him with a sense of security that he did not feel when he was near to the water. it was nice to know that they had that source so close by, but he thought that the trees would make it easier in winter months and would deter more strangers from walking through their land to move onto the other side. he had started to devise ways to talk grayson into claiming the forest instead of the creek. one of his selling points was that the water ran right through the wood.

he followed the edge of the creek with a lazy pace, glancing back over his shoulder once or twice to see if he had collected any followers. he wasn't surprised to see that he was entirely alone, and he had continued on his way very much the same for a considerable amount of time. when he finally caught sight of a shape ahead of him, harrison quickened his pace and then released a bark to collect their attention. it wasn't until he was closer that he noticed the familiarity of the girl.