Blacktail Deer Plateau Look there, in the chimney - Is that Santa or Satan?
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The wounded but swiftly healing brute was pondering his next moves, his hulk coming back and upping his weight as he followed Ruenna’s instructions to eat this nasty ass paste and plant stuff and sleep a lot. Well, that and his occasional treats to visit the ocean every now and then, or atleast swim in the river. He seemed always to be plagued by heat, and the only panacea to it was to near drown himself in some cold water. The wolf dog thought it was the fever, as did Ruenna, but at this point Siqsa began to doubt it. Something else was at play here, and keeping it held off with cold water was tiring to him. Too many damn ventures; was a lot of work traveling. 

The brute swayed his way to the river yet again on this cold day, paying his dues to the cold watery grave he might simply live and die by, at this point. No clue that he would end up running into @Thorin today, let alone who Thorin even was, the two year old Demon dipped searing paws into the edge of the swift waters of Whitefish River, his excitement near making him gag as everything in him wanted to be in that freezing water. It was the beginning of winter! Who the hell went skinny dipping in fucking winter?!

Irritated at this same old song and dance he forced himself through, the heat flared much more firm in his chest and quickened his pace into the icy waters. 

Just as he got chest heat high in the terrible torrent of freshwater, his mind cleared quite a bit. His vex had diminished immensely, and he closed those hellish eyes to the bliss of the release. 

This was home.