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For my own reference, five month old Koi’s build, head shape, and size: i · ii. Coat length is slightly shorter; ears are a titch taller, and tellingly tufted.

        The stretch of time between Aditya’s treachery and Thresher’s disappearance had been fraught with strife for the seawolves, but not even the lingering vestiges of that deep, immobilizing gloom could completely dampen Sixgill and Koi’s first trip to the mainland. Mur, Fern, and Grayling had returned bursting with stories that grew taller with each telling, and the gold cloud boy and his black pearl sister were eager to earn their own.

        Presently, the trio was nestled several reassuring meters from the lip of a terrifying drop. Six had fallen asleep after gorging himself on the wing and thigh of a cookie who had been too slow and stupid to evade the sheepdog’s snakeswift jaws, and she was stretched out beside her growing guppy with a vigilant air. Sometimes he rolled or ran in his sleep, and she wasn’t about to let him fall to an untimely doom. Ŭmma’s tufted ears twisted like periscopes above the broad span of his piebald flank as Koi roused and begged permission to explore on her own with a wheedling whine and a beseeching stare.

        “Rules,” the Athelas mouthed, and Koi nodded emphatically, oversized ears flopping cartoonishly. She knew. Stay close, don’t lose sight of the ocean, don’t eat buzzers…there were a lot of rules, but the little wolfdog was pretty sure she remembered all of them. She wandered off slowly, her ears turned back upon her skull lest ŭmma call her to heel.

        When no summons came, she picked up her pace, though she turned frequently to pin down Six’s soft silhouette in the distance and make sure she didn’t stray too far. He was a pale blur with an inkdark outline when she caught an intriguing, utterly unfamiliar scent. Nose to the ground, she threaded her way into a moss-carpeted, hollow log.
January 04, 2019, 10:44 PM
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Kasatka was exploring, still intent on finding a nice beach to frequent. The bluffs didn't look like the right place for that, but she'd already come all this way, hadn't she? There was no point in turning back now, when she knew she wouldn't be able to find anything closer before it was time to go home - so she explored, stopping frequently to stare out at the sea.

Her mother had spoken about it often. Kasatka couldn't help but think about how, the first time she'd seen it, she'd been all on her own. Actually, she couldn't think of any time she'd viewed the ocean in company, and that revelation made her kind of sad.

After one such stop, she turned her head to see a dark shape moving into the hollow trunk of a tree. Kasatka dropped at once into a hunter's crouch and began stalking closer, wondering if it was something edible or something that might want to eat her.
January 25, 2019, 07:36 AM
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        Just like that, the hunter became the hunted. Koi was too intensely focused to heed the uneasy prickling that instinctively rustled the feathering across her withers and nape, but when she turned around clumsily to wander back the way she’d come, she caught sight of her tawny cousin and jumped. Her head smacked against the top of the log, and though it didn’t hurt that much, it scared her. She backpedaled wildly, practically doing a loop-the-loop up the side of the hollowed out sequoia, and then stopped moving entirely with her fluffy silvern hindquarters significantly higher than her blue-black shoulders. “H-Help!” she squeaked absurdly, looking right at Kasatka, her Neptune eyes wide above the little teardrop snippet of white on her muzzle.

        Kasatka was quick to help the little pearl, but Koi’s uncertainty had made her skittish. Without a second glance or a single token of gratitude, she hiccuped to her feet and ran all the way back to her mother and brother to beg their reassurance.