Hushed Willows Home is where the heart it's not here?
All Welcome  December 26, 2018, 09:24 PM
For any Elysium wolf! maybe @Olive?

It had been a little bit of time since they had merged but not enough to make Sunny comfortable. He was delighted that Aliac had found her brother here, that was one thing that made him more inclined to not try and get her to run away with him. The other was the fact that he was the one who had lead everyone here, what would he look like if he backed out and took the cowardly road and ran from his decision. He had noticed that he wasn't the only one not comfortable. Faye wasn't comfortable. Pema was still avoiding everyone. Then again he couldn't blame them. Like himself, they had lost so many things during life that had resulted in massive changes and this was yet again another massive change. 

He sighed as he sat under a particularly nice willow, staring at the wispy branches as they swayed in the breeze. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine Dawn, somewhere exploring unknown lands. He pictured Kitten, finding Aditya and instead of getting hurt, being happy simply because she found him. He wanted to believe that everyone he lost was out there and okay despite the fact that he was here and trying to pick up the pieces they had left behind.

Birdcatcher: 4/10