Redsand Canyon *This Thread Topic BLEEPED OUT For Your Safety*
All Welcome  January 11, 2019, 03:42 PM
Wild Fauna

         Nynka hauled the small metal box up to the top of an only slightly tippy flat red rock. Like toppings on ice cream in reverse, the numerous red spires carried a frosty layer of snowflakes and ice that muted their usual strange rusty hues. The weasel hadn't spent much time here, but thought it might be a good place to try carrying the whatchacallit with her today. Nynka had noticed the small strange device she'd acquired seemed to feed on sunlight, growing faint and despondent when it went too long without absorbing its regular doses of Vitamin D; while she would have preferred to keep the thing secluded more safely underground, given its shrill demands it was a lot better if it got to go on regular field trips (else it would never be any fun at all, really). Sadistic though Nynka might sometimes be she didn't want her little toy to die. Especially since it seemed like it would make such a wastefully unpromising meal.

         Having breakfasted on an unwary vole, as noon approached Nynka dragged the shiny box across the wintry landscape and shoved it securely into the snow atop her chosen rock. It took a few impatient minutes of regular poking and prodding before the lazy thing woke up, at which point it started beep-beep-bloop!ing in complaint every time Nynka thrust a claw in its direction. She grinned and with brisk purpose hit it a few more times—BLEEPschreepityEEP!—and then turned her beady black eyes expectantly outward to rove across the landscape as her whiskers gave a twitch. Previously the little bleepy-box had shown itself to be capable of summoning strange beasts; Nynka waited to see what magics it might try to perform on this particular day. Mastering its ins and outs would doubtless require some further experimentation on her part but at least it was always interesting to see what sort of mood it was in and what creatures it would call when she took it out for a walk.
January 13, 2019, 03:21 PM
a most peculiar noise was causing thorn unusual distress. it sounded like a bird - except, maybe a bird being ground between two stones, or a bird that had no beak or possibly the noise of a mouse and bird coupled together - thorn couldn't make any sense of the noise other than that it was very heckin' annoying.

almost belligerently, the beast was nosing about looking for this source of torment, and after a good deal of rustling and disturbance of just about the entire forest, he finally found it -- in the most peculiar form of a weasel standing atop a rock with a very shiny looking stone in its paws.

he slowed as he approached, his tail held out behind him in a menacing manner as he eyed the critter and her toy. whatever it was, he wanted to eat it -- he found things tended to shut right up once they went down his gullet, and with a bullish snort, the beast confidently announced his presence and expected the weasel to get the hint and scatter, right quickly.