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The herd travelled South, skirting the mountains on its way toward the forest where Acer knew more elk would be. There was no telling how many of them would survive the distance, but this was something that was a simple fact of life for prey animals, though they were better off than most others. The band of elk stuck together and had good means of self defence should they need to use it. Over the past few weeks, they'd seen the presence of several wolf packs in the area- but they hadn't lost a member yet and they had defended themselves against their enemies valiantly.Β 

It felt like a storm was on the way so they made their way into a forest where they would be sheltered from the storm winds which were even stronger than normal this close to the ocean. Acer was on alert, but his cows were tired; it had been a long day of travel and in the waning light of evening, two or three of them began to doze off on their feet while the others grazed.