Jade Fern Grove lay upon my big brass bed
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things were smooth in elysium. olive's pregnancy was progressing well, and her friend, the dark-furred lily, had given birth to three little ones. she was very protective of them, though let cortez near enough; he was more than happy to look after the brood if the satori needed to rest. it was good practice, anyway, for when his new bundle of nieces and nephews came into the world.

yes, smooth enough that he felt comfortable in meandering today, aimless, looking for things of interest. the fern grove was intriguing. he liked ferns, their notched, hairy-looking fronds—they seemed a throwback to a different era, one long before his time. stepping into the grove was like stepping back in time; even cortez, with no knowledge of the cretaceous period or dinosaurs, could appreciate that fact.

he padded through for a while, then paused to lap at a tiny trickle of a stream that ran through the place. the water was cool and fresh, augmented by snowmelt, and he let himself relax as he drank in not only that water, but the gentle aura of the ferns as well.
April 13, 2019, 12:21 PM
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the grove had quickly become a favourite place, besides the Hollow, or course. it was verdant, green, and bursting with all signs of life. if she'd never found her current home, she might have been content to live here, though she supposed even this beautiful place might become lonely. 

not today, though—she glanced up from playing with the current further upstream to notice the approach of another. she chuffed a greeting, pulling her forepaw from the water and regarding him curiously, waiting for him to finish and look up to her of his own accord before she began speaking.
April 27, 2019, 05:38 PM
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he lifted his muzzle as the pale girl approached, droplets falling down like a gentle rain into the stream. a fine shiver ran through him, and he shook himself as if soaked through, smiling sheepishly. she hadn't exactly startled him, but he hadn't expected company, either. quickly, he tried to gather his sense of self before opening his mouth to speak.

you live around here, miss? cortez asked, cocking his head. beautiful little forest—you're lucky if you do. not quite as beautiful as the willows, he thought, but still fine enough for merit. but then, cortez was so fond of nature, there were few places that didn't catch his eye. beauty could be found in anything if you looked close enough.